The People, Technology, News and Information

The business and industry of news writing won’t exist if not for its audience. These news materials and pieces of information will be mere shells of words, pretty, but senseless and useless, if they fail to reach the ears where they were intended. Likewise, the people need these news and bits for their daily lives. If there is no news, society will be in a struggling state of existence.

That is how the relationship between news and information, and the people, has News & Technologyalways been. The dependence of people on the availability of news and information was a byproduct of our need to know and, indirectly, our need to survive. Having relevant, correct and required data, when needed, allows us to make the best decisions and increases our chances of existing, and living well. At the same time, this created the dependence by the news providers on the people to sustain and efficiently manage news operations, thus, mutual dependence was born.

We ask awhile, why do we write news and articles? Why do we keep people informed?

There are three primary reasons:

(1) to provide useful information;

(2) to keep the people posted on the latest news and matters of interest; and

(3) to store and share the wealth of information.

For the first cause, articles concerning traffic and the weather, for example, are on point. These bits of information are considered must-knows in this fast-paced age, where everyone seems to be traveling and going out a lot.

For the second one, news features and straight up news reports on politics, business, sports and entertainment make good examples. These subjects are generally considered as important, though not necessarily useful sometimes, to society. With respect to the third one, we write simply to make information available to everyone. These troves of wisdom, as soon as written, are officially in existence, ready to serve anyone who will bother to peruse their contents.

How do we do this?

Traditionally, news writing was done by ink and print. Back in the days when information marketingthere were no computers yet, newspapers and books were published and distributed to the people. In earlier times, as it was in old England and elsewhere in the ancient and nomadic world, news were read and proclaimed by authorized people to the townsfolk. Libraries were later on put up to preserve the written knowledge.

With the advent, and finally, full bloom, of technology, news writing and information sharing has likewise adapted the trend to better reach the masses. From mechanization of the printing process, to the electronic publication of news and articles, up to the sharing of information in real time anywhere in the world, technology certainly changed the medium, but not the substance of the connection.

Technology now offers various modern ways of bringing news and information to the people, and vise-versa. The customary mode of delivering news and information is by transmitting the same from the source to the people, and among such channels effecting this are the television, newspapers and radio. By far, these are the oldest and most traditional of the different media.

On the other hand, bringing people to news and information is made possible by the various online search engines. Using this tool, the sources and distributors of news and information, with the help of their partner Search Engine Optimization (SEO) companies, employ various seo techniques to help their intended audience find them.

organic_SEOOne such technique is Organic SEO. As explained by SEOExplode in their site, “Organic SEO refers to using certain SEO practices to achieve high organic placement in search engines… The cornerstones of Organic SEO are usually techniques such as back-link building, optimizing your website content, optimizing your titles and tags and article writing. In some cases, you may need to overhaul the webpage or even the entire website in order to see the most prolific results.”

By using these methods, sources of news and information can make information dissemination as efficient and as effective as possible. Of course, there are other SEO strategies available, but all of them point towards one end: to bring the sources of news and information and the people together.

Finally, of course, there are means that do both: bring news to the people, and bring people to the news. These are social media and the various news and information apps, available in almost all the gadgets and devices out in the market. These tools allow the people to search for information, receive and react to the same and interact with other people who share the same interest.

In spite of all these developments, again, the mutual dependence between the people and the sources of news and information remains the same, but thanks to technology and some SEO techniques, their relationship seems to have gotten better and stronger.

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