News and Information in the Internet Age

In this digital age, each of us is becoming hyperaware of the events going on around us. With social media, we have a constant stream of information coming at us every day, and though we aren’t aware, these things and the information we gather change the way we act and respond to the world around us. We constantly learn and react to what we experience, especially on the Internet. Today, we’ll look at the various ways we experience the news and new information on a day-to-day basis.

social networkThe first thing is probably something that all of us check every day – sometimes it’s the first thing we check, even: Facebook. It’s an incredibly rich and informative social platform, and it allows us to stay connected with our friends, even friends we haven’t seen in years. It also helps us make new friends and connect with new people who have the same interests as ours, most often via groups.

On Facebook, we get a constant stream of news coming at us from the posts our friends share. This allows us to learn from these posts, as well as hear opinions and comments from others. This also allows us to share our own posts and let our friends know what is on our minds. We also use this platform to communicate, discuss and sometimes, even debate. There are endless ways to communicate and gather the latest news and information not only through Facebook, but also via other social media platforms.

A similar social network is Twitter, and it allows us a way to share our thoughts in the form of small, bite-sized Tweets. This network also shares the same purpose as Facebook, but in a different form. It allows us the choice to post more and share our personal thoughts. The culture of Facebook and Twitter is different – with Facebook being more serious and Twitter being more casual. This could be caused by Facebook’s notoriety and lack of anonymity. Professionals can look up your Facebook profile and examine you through that. Twitter, on the other hand, allows a little bit more secrecy, making it a better place to share honest thoughts and opinions.

news articlesNews and media sites are the backbone of information-sharing, and often, these are the sites where most Facebook posts are linked to. These sites are often offshoots of newspaper companies and share different relevant news articles. However, other news and media sites are purely online, meaning they are not connected or affiliated with any print media. These articles are most often professionally written, by accredited journalists, and are excellent sources of information and news.

Another unique site to view news and information is YouTube. It’s mainly a video-sharing site, but many news and media conglomerates use this platform to share exclusive interviews and on site reports in real time. This allows people without TVs to still view the news. Some YouTube channels also offer news on different (and often offbeat) topics such as environmental news, science and technology news, entertainment news, lifestyle news, and other similar things.

Some of these channels are official channels, also related to major news and media outlets, while others are creator-owned independent channels. Some of these channels are also of non-professionals who simply share their passion for their viewers and subscribers.

Another great place to find news and information are blogs. These are often independently owned and written by their creators. These blogs often fit in some sort of niche, so if we would like information on specific topics, these blogs are often the best places to go. Blogs also often maintain connections with professional companies and corporations, allowing them to advertise on that platform. We offer search engine optimization services for blogs and other sites, allowing blog creators to gain more traffic.

The Internet is a great resource and treasure trove of information. With social media such as Facebook and Twitter, official media sites, video sites and channels, and blogs, information and news we need are efficiently and conveniently delivered right at our desktops and mobile devices, while giving us the avenues and opportunities to comment, react and express ourselves in connection with the news and information we receive. While technology is going to evolve even further, we can sit comfortably today knowing that the information we need is right at our fingertips.