Motivational Speakers can Make or Break You

Are you looking for motivational speakers that you think can help you? Have you tried looking everywhere but it seems you always end up disappointed? There are a lot of speakers in existence today. Each of them offers something they think their competitors do not have. However, we firmly believe that speakers have codes of ethics they need to follow.

Motivational SpeakerAs a motivational speaker, you need to accomplish the following: first, you need to define a proven methodology to implement ideas. Imagine sitting in room for almost an hour and yet nothing is being accomplished. All the time that you sit there, all that you hear is his life story. As speakers, they are required to give you a clear idea about the company and a step by step guide on how to be successful in the business. Second, motivational speakers should focus on the individual.

As motivational speaker, their message should cater to the needs of his audience. Some speakers include some examples of success stories wherein his audience can easily identify with. In this way they easily get the idea that they can also achieve success the same way. Third, speakers inspire the employees to be self-motivated. There is a saying that once the boss is away, employees act in a certain way. This should not be the case. As speakers, they teach their employees on how their attitude should be even if their supervisor is not around.

Fourth, many motivational speakers will motivate the employees to share the company’s vision

How many times have we heard speakers talk about themselves and how they achieve success? In this way the employees, clients, distributors can easily identify with the speaker and want to have the same success story for them. In this way you are helping your audience to have the same vision as that of the company. Lastly, speakers implement a continuing education program for their employees. As speakers, their job never stops after their speech. In fact, they encourage their employees and business partners to pursue further studies by attending other seminars or workshops that the company offers. These seminars will help employees to achieve the necessary changes in order to achieve their goals.

Now that we’ve learned of what to expect from motivational speakers, we should also be aware of things they should never do.

First, they should never rush. Have you been to a seminar and notice that the speaker is delivering his speech so fast that the audience does not understand a word that he says? Since many speakers only has limited time to deliver their speeches sometimes they wanted to put everything they need to say in so short a time? However, we must remember that even if they only have a short time, these should never be an excuse for speaking so fast. If necessary, write down notes so that even if you were given a short time you can still include some important topics in your speech without having to rush.

Second, don’t pretend that you do not see the audience’s reactions

One of the scariest experiences for new speakers is their audience’s reactions. Most especially if the reaction is a negative one. This is why many rookie speakers try to ignore these audiences. Even if this method can help to gain confidence however they fail to realize of adjust according to the audience’s needs. If you notice the audience to be so stiff during your speeches, why not inject some humorous stories to make it livelier?

Motivational-SpeakerThird, don’t use words that your audience doesn’t understand. Some speakers try to impress their audience by using some highfalutin words. Always remember that speaker’s main objective is to tell a story that appeal to the emotions. Some speakers make the mistake of trying to impress their audience by appearing as if they know everything. This is the reason why many people try to avoid this kind of speakers. They feel that they are not repeatable and will never learn from them.

In conclusion, these are just some of things you should be looking for in a motivational speaker. Just have fun and enjoy the session with them. If at the end of the session you still are not satisfied you can listen to other speakers that can boost you as a person, an individual and as a worker.


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