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October 12, 2009


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hi, greg. i think you're right on. i worked with beth gleba and jen benz to create a twitter account for ikea and their open enrollment, and they continue to use the account more broadly. jen wrote a great article about our work: http://bit.ly/NdL5G

one benefit you didn't mention is how twitter reaches audiences beyond employees, such as family members and potential recruits. spouses are often heavily involved in benefits enrollment decisions and family members are high users of benefits. being able to reach, educate, and support them is key to a good benefits program. and we all know how much benefits and culture play into our decision to take a job or not, especially nowadays!

be interested to hear what others think!


Jennifer Benz

Thanks for the additional info, Fran. I love love love Twitter for benefits comm and I'm excited to see more and more people talking about it. We have one client using it right now and all is going well.

I spoke today for the San Diego Employee Benefits Council (about 50 brokers and health plan account managers) and there were a ton of questions and great discussion about Twitter. I would love to see a health plan implement it for customer support as we talk about in an earlier Benefits Buzz article too: http://www.benefitsbuzz.net/2009/03/is-twitter-a-viable-tool-for-employee-benefits-communication-.html

There must be others examples out there too?

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